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Our Company

GONDA Group was established over 15 years ago by founder and owner Vladimir Gonda, who moved to the United States from Slovakia when he was 25 years old and found his calling in Information Technology industry.  Continuing education is a must in the industry today, and GONDA Group is constantly researching new ways and especially more eco-friendly options. We put our customers first, we have good references, and we plan on staying in this business for a long time to come.

With Vladimir Gondas’ passion for healthy lifestyle  and commitment to fight child obesity, GONDA Group founded vending machine operating company Nutrition 2 Go, LLC. He is passionate about health, nutrition and fitness. Our vending services goal is to offer healthy snacking and beverage options to people on the go. With a current trend towards obesity in adults and children and the overall decline of health due to poor eating choices, we are committed to do something about it.  According to a Society of Human Resource Management Poll 97% responded “favorably” or “very favorably” to efforts of promoting wholesome food and drink options at workplace and schools.

Vladimir Gonda has worked in art gallery in New York City as Gallery Director for 14 years. He developed passion towards fine art and today is actively buying and selling artworks by Warhol, Lichtenstein, Wesselmann, Indiana and other pop artists. Please visit Andy Warhol Prints site if you are interested to purchase or sell artwork.