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Financial Coaching – PRIMERICA

Vladimir & Slavka Gonda, Primerica Financial ServicesSlavka Gonda

Division Leader
Fair Lawn, NJ
 Joined Primerica: 2002
 PFS Investments Inc. Registered Representative
 Life Insurance Representative (US)
 Women in Primerica
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Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching combines individualized financial education and counseling focused on meeting the individual goals and needs of the client. Rather than short-term crisis intervention, this program utilizes a coaching model that supports clients over an extended period of time to set and achieve their own financial goals.

Financial coaching is the process of using wisdom and life experiences to help others improve their financial lives.  It is about teaching my clients the financial principles that they did not learn in school or at home.

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These education and counseling sessions cover budgeting, saving, goal setting, debt reduction, and improving credit based on the clients’ specific needs and circumstances. Our clients have access to a variety of financial planning, coaching, education, and asset / income-building services.


  •  Offers individualized financial education and counseling.
  •  Utilizes a coaching model to support clients over an extended period of time.
  •  Emphasizes that clients set and achieve their own financial goals.