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Network – Server

Network – Server

What Is Computer Networking?

Computer networking is a broad term that describes the configuring of two or more devices to share data. At GONDA Group, we define computer networking as anything that has to do with the design, installation and support of your technology infrastructure.

Computer Networking Design:

The right network design can make all the difference in how efficiently your business operates. Your network can be designed to allow you to share files and devices across the network, as well as access your onsite machines from any internet location. These are just some of the ways in which computer networking can help you to expand your productivity potential by affording you on-demand access to business-critical data and information.

Computer Networking Installation:

Successful network installation requires advanced strategic planning to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient solution. Establishing an installation plan helps to avoid unexpected pitfalls and save time in setting up your network. The process of computer networking planning and installation includes determining network hardware, mapping out network wires/cabling, and configuring intranets for shared resources.

Computer Networking Support:

Once a network has been designed and installed, it is important to employ proper maintenance and support to ensure that the network is operating at peak efficiency. Ideally, computer networking support is done on a proactive basis. Regularly monitoring and maintaining your networks helps to prevent downtime and reduce repair costs.

Additional Aspects of Computer Networking

While it may be obvious that computer networking connects multiple computers, there are other aspects to computer networking that may not be so obvious. If they are planned and executed correctly, they can have a significant impact on your business.

Phone Systems

In this computer-driven age of communication, phone systems may seem like antiquated technology and are often overlooked by businesses. An efficient phone system is a critical part of your business and can bring many benefits, including:

  • Call reporting
  • Connectivity of cell phones to the network
  • Division of phone lines to departments
  • And more!

A phone system can help improve efficiency for your employees and can seamlessly connect to your other business systems.

Network Cable Wiring

Your computer network is only as strong as its physical link: the cabling. GONDA Group provides complete wiring service for both voice and data cables. Our experienced wiring technicians are proficient in the installation and proper organization of cat5 and cat6 cables for your:

  • Computer network / Data center
  • VOIP phone systems
  • And more!

Office Technology

Are you in need of high-tech audio visual solutions for your office? At GONDA Group, we are experts in designing and installing state-of-the-art audio visual systems that can incorporate:

  • Wall-mount flat screen monitors
  • Projectors
  • Integrated phone systems
  • Conferencing systems
  • Digital signage
  • And more!

IPv6 Network

While technologies advance at a rapid pace, our IT consultants work to ensure your network systems are kept up to speed. For example, Internet Protocol is in transition from IPv4 to an IPv6 network. Configuration with the help of GONDA Group IT experts will keep your network on track.